COVID-19 Update

The coronavirus pandemic has had, and continues to have, an unprecedented impact socially, emotionally, financially, and physically, on nearly the entire population. At Strategic Solutions Therapy, LLC it is our mission to continue to provide for our client base and anyone in need, in the most ethically and morally responsible way we can. Toward that end our office doors will remain open both physically and virtually. In following the guidelines from the CDC and our national and state associations, we have transitioned many of our clients to telehealth or video-based therapy services. For those clients still able and willing to come to our office, we are continuing to provide in-person therapy services at our office, continuing with our sanitation and distancing protocols, until we are instructed otherwise, or we believe it is unsafe or irresponsible.

Currently secure, HIPAA-Compliant teleheath is being covered by many insurance companies so if you are a current client or a new client, struggling with these new circumstances or any, please inquire about what service options are possible for you.

Thank you and stay safe and healthy.