COVID-19 Update


The coronavirus pandemic has had, and continues to have, an unprecedented impact socially, emotionally, financially, and physically, on nearly the entire population. At Strategic Solutions Therapy, LLC it is our mission to continue to provide for our client base and anyone in need, in the most ethically and morally responsible way we can. Toward that

The Psychological Edge


The tools you need to help athletes succeed in sports   Recent research indicates that the number of athletes in high school sports has in 2017, reached an all-time high of 7,868,900. This represents an increase of 61,853 from the previous year. This means that a large percentage of American youth play sports. This also

10 Steps to a Happier and Healthier Family, Marriage, and Life From a Relational Perspective


If you are struggling in your life, in your marriage, with your children, in your professional lives, or as an athlete, take a look at these steps to assess how well you are doing, and how you might make changes toward more success and happiness. Look in the Mirror Look at your reflection and reflect.

6 Signs of Depression


Depression This article states that 300 million people suffered from depression in 2016. This means that most Americans have been touched by depression in a friend or family member. Knowing and recognizing the signs is the first step in seeking treatment. 6 subtle signs of depression you should never ignore TODAY / Joan Raymond